Get tasks

Retrieves information about the running tasks in the library.

Request syntax

GET /v1/tasks
Retrieves information about all currently running tasks.

GET /v1/tasks/<ID>
Retrieves information about the task with the specified ID number.

Path parameters

ID (number)

The ID of the task.


> GET /v1/tasks
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 15891

          "ID": 184, 
          "type": "updateLibraryFirmware", 
          "location": "library", 
          "state": "completed", 
          "startTime": "2019-04-03T10:54:42-0700", 
          "lastUpdateTime": "2019-04-03T11:06:26-0700", 
          "percentComplete": 100, 
          "duration": 704, 
          "user": "SCSIControlPath_F1C3R3", 
          "description": "Library Code Update", 
          "volser": null
     }, {
          . . .
     }, {
          "ID": 1, 
          "type": "discoverHardware", 
          "location": "library", 
          "state": "completed", 
          "startTime": "2019-02-07T05:44:02-0700", 
          "lastUpdateTime": "2019-02-07T06:16:11-0700", 
          "percentComplete": 100, 
          "duration": 1929, 
          "user": "SCSIControlPath_F1C3R3", 
          "description": "Discover Hardware", 
          "volser": null


ID (number)

The ID of the task.

type (string)

The type of task. Values include:

  • calibrateLibrary

  • calibrateFrame

  • calibrateAccessor

  • calibrateIO

  • calibrateDrive

  • updateDriveFirmware

  • updateLibraryFirmware

  • inventoryTier0and1

  • inventoryAllTiers

  • verifyLibrary

  • runLibraryDiagnostics

  • fruDriveReplacement

  • exportServiceLogs

  • discoverHardware

  • updateVOLSERRange

  • startAccessorService

  • completeAccessorService

  • startDriveService

  • completeDriveService

  • testDrive

  • verifyMedia

  • varySlotOnline

  • adjustingTemperature

  • doorsSafeToOpen

location (string)

The location code of the hardware that the task is affecting. Supported hardware resource location types include robotic accessors, columns, drives, frames, I/O stations, and slots.

state (string)
The completion status of the task. Values include:
State Description


The task is in progress.


The task completed successfully.


The task failed.


An LCC node card failover caused the task to stop.


A user has manually canceled the task.

queued The task has not started.
timedOut The task has exceeded time threshold and is no longer being monitored.
startTime (string)

The time at which the task was submitted. Time format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm.

lastUpdatedTime (string)

The time at which the task has last changed state. Time format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm.

percentComplete (number)

A percentage value showing how close the task is to being complete. If the task is not in the inProgress state, this is null.

duration (number)

The number of seconds this task has been in the inProgress state. If the task is not in the inProgress state, this is null.

user (string)

The username of the user whose action initiated this task.

description (string)

The details of the task.

volser (string)

For event types of verifyMedia, this field shows the VOLSER being verified. For other event types, this is null.