Fire suppression

The top of the library has areas where you can cut opening to install pipes, conduits, or other fire suppression parts.

A fire-suppression system is the responsibility of the customer

Attention: For advice about selecting a fire-suppression system that provides the correct level of coverage and protection, consult your insurance underwriter, and local fire marshal (or local building inspector).

IBM designs and manufactures equipment to internal and external standards that require certain environments for reliable operation. Because IBM does not test any equipment for compatibility with fire-suppression systems, IBM does not make compatibility claims of any kind nor does IBM provide recommendations on fire-suppression systems. IBM Diamondback Tape Library is constructed to allow third-party installation of fire-suppression equipment. When you are deciding whether to implement fire-suppression equipment, refer to local and national standards and regulations.

Figure 1 shows the knockouts you can use to route your fire suppression piping into the frames.

All water systems must be external to the library's frame, with mechanical support provided for piping.
Figure 1. Allowable areas for routing fire-suppression equipment (top view of the library)
The shaded area, with the four directional arrows, is 63 mm (2.48 inches) wide by 50.43 mm (1.98 inches) long (See  1  in Figure 2. All fire suppression equipment must stay within this upper back portion of the frame.
Figure 2. Location for routing fire-suppression equipment inside the library

Route gaseous system piping with discharge nozzles inside the frame just below the top of the frame. Gas cylinders and control equipment must be external to the library. IBM does not supply heat or smoke detectors.