Disposing of LTO tape cartridges

Dispose of LTO tape cartridges according to federal and other regulations.

Under the current rules of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), regulation 40CFR261, the LTO tape cartridge is classified as non-hazardous waste. As such, it may be disposed of in the same way as normal office trash. These regulations are amended from time to time, and you should review them at the time of disposal.

If your local, state, country (non-U.S.A.), or regional regulations are more restrictive than EPA 40CFR261, you must review them before you dispose of a cartridge. Contact your account representative for information about the materials that are in the cartridge.

If a tape cartridge must be disposed of in a secure manner, you can erase the data on the cartridge by using a high-energy ac degausser (use a minimum of 2800 oersteds over the entire space that the cartridge occupies). Degaussing makes the cartridge unusable.

If you burn the cartridge and tape, ensure that the incineration complies with all applicable regulations.