Save library configuration

Saves the library configuration to a file external to the library. This file can be used to restore the library configuration.

The library's configuration information is stored in a database on a Library Control Card (LCC). If there is an issue with the LCC or internal compact flash memory, the library configuration can be restored from a saved configuration file. Otherwise, the library might need to be reset back to factory conditions by IBM Support.

This command returns the data back in an octet stream containing a header and binary file information that contains the backup data. When you are saving the configuration to a file for long-term storage, only the binary data should be saved as this is what is sent to the POST /v1/library/restoreConfig command.

The header information that is shown should be used to save the binary data to a file such that the file name is in the following format:

<product>_<library sn>_<firmware level>_SAVECONF_<time stamp>.dbz

For example, TS4500_FA054_1.4.1.3-D00.T3_SAVECONF_20180323160237.dbz or Diamondback_FA054_2.9.0.2-B00.A0_SAVECONF_20230421160237.dbz

Request syntax

GET /v1/library/saveConfig
Saves the library configuration to a file external to the library.


GET /v1/library/saveConfig
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Length: 11468336
Signature=TS4500 Backup File
TimeStamp=2022-01-14 10:30:54
<binary file data>

Error handling

  • Returns 406 Not Acceptable if the Accept header is used and is not application or octet-stream.