Mode Page X'1D': Element Address Assignment

See the SCSI-3 standard. For the tape library, this Mode Page is defined as common for all initiators. This Mode Page is a static page. Addresses defined here are used with the Move Medium command.

The fields in Mode Page X'1D' depend on the model of the library and the library's configuration. For more details, go to the section about locations and addresses of SCSI elements in the tape library.

Note: The fields in Mode Page X'1D' are not changeable. If a Mode Select command is issued with values other than the values that are returned by a Mode Sense command, the device returns CHECK CONDITION status with associated sense data of 5/2600 (Illegal Request, Invalid Field in Parameter List).
Table 1. Data Returned for Mode Page X'1D'
Byte Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
0 PS (B'0') Reserved Page Code (X'1D')
1 Parameter Length (X'12')
2-3 Medium Transport Element Address (X'0001')
4-5 Number of Medium Transport Elements: (X'0002')
6-7 First Storage Element Address
8-9 Number of Storage Elements
10-11 First Import/Export Element Address
12-13 Number of Import/Export Elements
14-15 First Data Transfer Element Address
16-17 Number of Data Transfer Elements
18-19 Reserved
Note: A valid configuration might include a 'gap' in the drive positions (for example, drives might be installed in positions 1 and 3 but not position 2). The Data Transfer Element information reported in Mode Sense and Read Element Status data always includes these 'gaps' (for the example, the Number of Data Transfer Elements is 3). However, a command to move a cartridge to a non-existent drive is terminated with CHECK CONDITION status and associated sense data of 5/3B82 (Illegal Request; Element Not Accessible, Drive is Not Present).