Turn drive beacon on or off

Turns the drive beacon on or off. The drive beacon is used by the support to identify the drive more easily during repair.

This request does not verify that a drive is present in the specified drive location. If an empty drive location is specified, the command output will still indicate that the beacon is enabled for that drive location. The GET /v1/drives command can be used to verify the presence of a drive in a specific drive location.

If the drive is replaced while this is enabled, the state of the physical LED might not match this attribute. In this case, the beacon should be disabled.

Request syntax

PATCH /v1/drives/<location> {"beacon": <"enabled" | "disabled">}
Turns the beacon on or off.

PATCH /v1/drives/<sn> {"beacon": <"enabled" | "disabled">}
Turns beacon on or off for the drive with the specified serial number for the drive at the specified location.

Path parameters

location (string)

The unique location of the drive.

sn (string)

The globally unique serial number of the drive.

Request body parameters

beacon (string, optional)

The state of the drive beacon LED. This beacon can be seen from the rear of the drive. Values include enabled (LED is flashing) and disabled (LED is off).


> PATCH /v1/drives/drive_F3C2R1 {"beacon": "enabled"}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 0