IBM Tape Diagnostic tool (ITDT)

The IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT) is an independent tool that provides diagnostics on tape drives and libraries. ITDT has multiple functional capabilities and is a quick, convenient, and efficient method for drive firmware updates. Also drive memory dump and retrievals can be accomplished with the tool.

The IBM® Tape Diagnostic tool (ITDT):
  • Runs quick or extended diagnostic tests on tape drives. If the library is online to the server/host where the tool resides, ITDT communicates with the drive through the library to load and unload a test cartridge, exercising some library functions.
  • Retrieves firmware memory dumps from tape drives and libraries.
  • Completes a firmware update on tape drives or libraries. See note about library firmware update.
  • Tests the performance of the environment by completely writing a cartridge and measuring performance.
  • Retrieves and displays cartridge information.
  • Verifies the encryption environment.
  • Does not require special device drivers.
  • Is available for most major platforms.
  • Scans the host interface and finds and displays for selection all IBM LTO devices. The tool does not display non-IBM devices.
The IBM Tape Diagnostic tool (ITDT) is available as a command line utility and a graphical user interface (GUI) version.
  • The IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool (ITDT) is started by entering the executable file from the directory where the tool is located. The Help feature gives a brief explanation of each function and shows the syntax.
Note: Be sure that you have the most current version of ITDT if you are updating firmware on a recent drive type. Before ITDT is used, verify that your library host operating system is at the current released level. This action ensures optimum read/write operations for diagnostic tests.
IBM maintains the current levels of ITDT on the web. Go to Fix Central and follow these steps to access this material.
  1. From the Fix Central web page, choose the Select Product tab, select System Storage from the Product Group list.
  2. Select Tape Systems from the System Storage list.
  3. Select Tape drivers and software from the Tape systems list.
  4. Select IBM Tape Diagnostic Tool ITDT from the Tape drivers and software list.
  5. Select the appropriate operating system from the Platform list and click Continue.
  6. Select the appropriate version from the list.