How the Management GUI reports problems

The IBM® Diamondback tape library reports errors via library resource states in addition to granular supplemental error codes, the library health pod.

You can view the resource states at the Library Health section of the main GUI page. See the example Figure 1.

The image color will change according to the reported state. When you hover your cursor over the resource, more information is displayed.
  • Red means the resource is in an error state
  • Yellow is a warning/informational state
  • Grey is normal or offline?
There library resources visible from the GUI image view:
  • Library Control Card (LCC)  1 
  • Power Supplies  1 
  • Drives  2 
  • Cartridge Magazine  3 
  • Robotic Accessor  4 
Figure 1. GUI management page

The health pod  5  reports on the overall library state, which includes more than hardware status.