Inventory tier 0 and 1

Starts an inventory scan of cartridge bar codes on all cartridges in tiers 0 and 1 of the library or specified frame. When a faster inventory is preferred, use this option instead of having a full inventory of all tiers. This option scans other tiers only if a discrepancy is found.

An inventory operation includes a check to determine whether each cartridge storage slot in the library is empty or full and a scan of the bar code labels. You can run an inventory on a single library frame or on an entire library.

The library occasionally runs automatic inventories. However, if an automatic inventory of the media was inconsistent, you might need to run a manual inventory by using this task to reconcile an inconsistency. Similarly, you might need to start a manual inventory if the host application software indicates that there is a problem with the library inventory.

Request syntax

POST /v1/tasks {"type": "inventoryTier0and1", "location": <"library" | "frame_F<f>">}
Runs an inventory scan on tiers 0 and 1 of the library or the specified frame. This starts a long-running task in the library that is visible from the GUI.

Request body parameters

type (string, required)

The task type to run. In this case, inventoryTier0and1.

location (string, required)

The location of a specific frame to inventory or library for all frames.


> POST /v1/tasks/ {"type": "inventoryTier0and1", "location": "library"}
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /v1/tasks/42
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 10

{"ID": 42}