Calibrate frame

Starts the calibration task on the frame to ensure puts, gets, mounts, and demounts are done accurately into slots, I/O slots, and drives. This includes the calibration for accurate slot placement as well as calibration on all I/O stations and drives in the frame if present. This is typically initiated by service or in response to instructions in event fix procedures.

This is not supported for Diamondback. The Calibrate library task should be used instead.

Request syntax

POST /v1/tasks {"type": "calibrateFrame", “location": "frame_F<f>", "accessor": “accessor_A<a|b>"}
Runs the calibration task on the given frame. This starts a long-running task in the library that is visible from the GUI.

Request body parameters

type (string, required)

The task type to run. In this case, calibrateFrame.

location (string, required)

The location of the frame that is to be calibrated.

accessor (string, required)

The location of the accessor that was identified by the fix procedure suggesting this command be run.


> POST /v1/tasks/ {"type": "calibrateFrame", "location": "frame_F1", “accessor”: “accessor_Aa”}
HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: /v1/tasks/42
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 10
{"ID": 47}

Error handling

  • Returns 501 Not Implemented if this is a Diamondback library.