What are the status pods?

Pods at the bottom of the System page show a quick view of capacity, drive utilization, and library health status.

Physical capacity status pod
The physical capacity pod displays how many licensed slots are filled by cartridges and the percentage of slots that are filled – for example, 600 of 800 licensed slots (75%).
The pod is green when the number of cartridges in the library is less than the cartridge capacity utilization threshold. The default threshold setting is 98.3%.
The pod is yellow when the number of cartridges exceeds the capacity utilization threshold. If this scenario occurs, you can remove cartridges, increase the capacity threshold, or purchase more capacity.
The pod is red when the number of cartridges exceeds the number of licensed slots. If this scenario occurs, you must remove cartridges or purchase more capacity.
Drive utilization status pod
The drive utilization pod displays the status of drives across the library. Click the status pod to go to the Drives by Logical Libraries page.
The blue pod fills in as the number of drives in use out of the total number of drives in the library increases.
If there are multiple logical libraries, a warning icon displays if all of the drives in any logical library are being used.
Health status pod
The color of the Health Status pod indicates the current state of the library by severity. Click the pod if it is yellow or red to go to the appropriate page for understanding and troubleshooting the warning or error. If a library is in more than one state, the higher priority state is shown.