Robotic accessor states

The state indicates the operating status of the robotic accessor. To view the current state, hover your mouse over the robotic accessor in the library graphic on the Monitoring > System GUI page.

State Description


The accessor is being serviced and is not able to move cartridges.


The accessor is in a state where movement is not allowed due to some failure or internal process that is not related to library/accessor initialization. If dual accessors are configured, the other accessor might still be operational in this state. Access to certain drives and cartridges might be restricted if the accessor is not in the Service Bay.


Both grippers within this accessor have failed, and the accessor is no longer usable. It may or might not have a cartridge in it.


A gripper within this accessor has failed, but the accessor is still usable. It may or might not have a cartridge in it.


Power is removed from the accessor by the library. This is normally done in response to a user opening a door of the library.


The accessor is parked in the Service Bay. If the other accessor goes down, then this accessor becomes active. In this option, the preferred zone for the other accessor includes the entire library except for the area for the Service Bay for this accessor.


The accessor is operational and can fulfill requests for media.