Element Type 2: Storage (DVCID=B'0')

Table 1. Element Type 2: Storage Element Descriptor (DVCID=B'0')
Byte Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
0-1 Element Address
2 Reserved Access Except Reserved Full
3 Reserved
6-8 Reserved
9 SValid Invert (B'0') Reserved
10-11 Source Storage Element Address
12-47 Primary Volume Tag Information
  • Element Address: The range of element addresses that are reported in this field depend on the library's configuration. For more information, see SCSI element addresses.
  • Access: The following values apply:
      B'0' Indicates that access to the storage element by a medium transport element is denied.
      B'1' Indicates that access to the storage element by a medium transport element is allowed.
    Note: An example of when access would be denied is when the storage element contains a cleaner cartridge and the auto-clean option is enabled.
  • Except: The following values apply:
      B'0' The element is in a normal state.
      B'1' The element is in an abnormal state.
  • Full: The following values apply:
      B'0' The element does not contain a cartridge.
      B'1' The element cell contains a cartridge.
  • ASC/ASCQ: More Sense Code/Additional Sense Code Qualifier. The ASC/ASCQ field might provide specific information on an abnormal element state when the Except bit is set to B'1'. The following values apply:
      11/00 Unable to Read Bar Code Label
      30/03 Cleaning Cartridge Installed
      81/00 Status is Questionable (for example, the door is open)
  • SValid:
      B'0' Indicates that the Source Storage Element Address field provides vendor-specific information
      B'1' This value is not reported for a Storage Element Descriptor.
  • Invert: The tape library does not invert cartridges.
  • Source Storage Element Address: When SValid is B'0', this field provides the following vendor-specific information:
      Bit 15–1 Reserved
      Bit 0 B'0' Element is located in the preferred zone of accessor A or is not currently assigned to a physical location.
        B'1' Element is located in preferred zone of accessor B.
  • Primary Volume Tag Information: The presence or absence of this field is indicated by the PVolTag field in byte 1 of the Element Status Page. To view the content of this page, go to the section about Element Status Page. This is a 36 byte ASCII field that contains the cartridge bar code label, left-adjusted and padded on the right with blanks.
  • Reserved: Bytes 48-51 (bytes 12-15 if PVolTag is set to B'0').