Tape drive

A tape drive reads data from and writes data to a cartridge mounted in the drive. It communicates over the SCSI interface to the host system. Control path drives handle library actions from the host system. All drives communicate with the library over an internal network.

The TS4500 supports two media types, LTO and 3592. The Diamondback supports full-height LTO 9 dual ported tape drives that support fibre channel connectivity.

The LTO 5, LTO 6, LTO 7, LTO 8, and LTO 9 tape drives are dual-ported drives that facilitate 8 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity. These drives are differentiated from other LTO drives by their machine type and model numbers. You can identify the LTO tape drives by the logo at the front of the drive or by the label at the rear of the drive's canister.

The 3592 following 3592 tape drives: TS1160 (Models 60F, 60E, and 60S), TS1155 (Models 55F and55E), TS1150 (Models EH8 and E08*), and TS1140 (Models EH7 and E07*). Host attachment interface options that are supported include dual-port Fibre Channel, Ethernet over optical fiber, and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).

Drives are identified either by their location within the library or by their serial number.