The equipment must be located so that access to the equipment can be controlled and monitored. Consider all of these recommended security measures when you are determining where to locate your IBM® Diamondback tape library.

Library location

You are responsible for the security of the tape library, the cartridges that are contained within the library, and shelf-resident cartridges. To prevent unauthorized access to data, IBM recommends locating the tape library and all shelf-resident cartridges in an area where access is controlled.

Locking mechanisms

The front and rear doors of the library have key locks, and the keys to these locks are shipped with the library The front/rear door keys are the same

If the Top Rack has doors ordered, they also support locking doors. The front/rear door keys for the Top Rack are also the same as the keys for the library frame.

Onsite security measures

You are also responsible for evaluating, selecting, and implementing security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Remote users

Remote user security can be managed through the Diamondback management GUI. For more information about remote user security settings, see Access and Security.