Delivery route

The tape library must be delivered using a planned route. Check the delivery route that the library must travel from your loading dock to the installation location. Ensure that the library will fit through all doors, hallways, and elevators.

You must remove the library from the pallet and place it at the final location before you call your IBM Service Representative to arrange for the installation. Refer to the instructions on the shipping carton for correct unpacking procedures.

Because of the size and weight of this product, the transportation of this equipment must be performed by professional movers or riggers who are trained to handle large heavy objects.

Height requirements

Refer to Figure 1. Make sure that the location where you unpack the frame meets the minimum ceiling height.
Figure 1. Minimum ceiling height

Moving the unpacked library

After the library is unpacked, make sure that the outriggers  1  are extend when you move the library. The outriggers prevent the frame from tipping over on either side as it is being moved.
Figure 2. Frame outriggers
Note: There are a total of 4 outriggers. Two on each side.