Performance specifications for LTO tape drives

Performance data for LTO tape drives.

Table 1. Performance specifications for LTO tape drives
Generation LTO 9
Interface (speed)
FC (8 Gb)
SAS (12 Gb)
Native data rate
400 Mb/s (L9)
360 Mb/s (L8)
Sustained data rate (L6, L7, L8 and L9 compressed at 2.5:1 compression; L5 and earlier compressed at 2:1 compression)
750 Mb/s (L9)
750 Mb/s (L8)

1000 Mb/s (L9)
900 Mb/s (L8)
Burst data rate

800 Mb/s FC
1200 Mb/s SAS
Nominal load-to-ready time 17 seconds
-Initialized tape 17 seconds
-Uninitialized tape1 40-120 minutes
Nominal unload time 30 seconds
Average space record time from load point 45 seconds
Average rewind time (REWIND command) 55 seconds
Average rewind time (part of UNLOAD command, dependent on mount activity)
Less than 5 Gb of contiguous data transferred 55 seconds
5 Gb to 50 Gb of contiguous data transferred 110 seconds
All other types of mount activity 165 seconds

1 Cartridge initialization time can vary. See Media optimization for more information.

  • All sustained data rates depend on the capabilities of the interconnect.
  • Drive performance varies with media generation and drive interface (SAS/FC).