Remote support

Remote support for the IBM® Diamondback tape library involves the use of a Call Home feature to detect and solve problems. This is accomplished through an external TSSC device. Remote support requires several important security functions.

Optional remote support is available for the IBM Diamondback tape library through its Call Home capability. The Call Home feature uses the TSSC to report failures that are detected by the library or a tape drive. When a failure is detected, Call Home sends detailed error information to IBM (home). The IBM service representative can then prepare an action plan to handle the problem before hand. The library might also periodically send support information (such as configuration, library and drive code versions, and error logs) to IBM.

The Call Home feature has three different, but related, capabilities: Problem Call Home, Heartbeat Call Home, and Test Call Home. The tape library sends data files that might be helpful to Support Center personnel for all three types of Call Home. These data files include library error logs and configuration information, such as the Machine Reported Product Data (MRPD) log. The MRPD file contains the following information about the machine (library):
  • The number of frames and drives
  • The model and serial number of each frame
  • The type and serial number of each drive
  • The code version of the library and each drive
  • Any machine-detectable features.
If a Problem Call Home is initiated, the library also sends the tape library logs and drive logs that are related to the problem.
Problem Call Home
The tape library or one of its drives detects a problem and the library initiates a Call Home operation. This Call Home operation creates a Problem Management Record (PMR) in the IBM Remote Technical Assistance Information Network (RETAIN). This is a single page of text data. It helps the support center or service representative determine an action plan and a list of parts (called field replaceable units or FRUs).
Heartbeat Call Home
The tape library sends the Heartbeat Call Home on a scheduled basis to ensure proper Call Home function. By default, the Heartbeat Call Home is sent once per week, 1 hour after a power cycle, and 1 hour after a code update is complete.
Test Call Home
When servicing the library, the service representative can issue a Test Call Home operation to RETAIN from the management GUI. The library allows the service representative to include drive dumps in the Test Call Home for analysis. In this way, a drive dump can be accessed by Support Center personnel through the Call Home database.