LTO cleaning cartridge

The IBM® LTO cleaning cartridge is used to clean LTO tape drives.

To maintain the operating efficiency of the drive, you must purchase the cleaning cartridges. Each drive determines when it needs to be cleaned and alerts the library. The tape library automatically cleans drives as needed; however, you can also use the management GUI to initiate a manual cleaning if necessary.
Note: The volume serial (VOLSER) number on the cleaning cartridge's bar code label must begin with CLN or the library treats the cleaning cartridge as a data cartridge during an inventory.

The LTO Cleaning Cartridge is compatible with all LTO tape drives.

Before a drive can be cleaned, ensure that a cleaning cartridge is loaded in the library. You can load multiple cleaning cartridges and store them in any cartridge storage slots.

The tape library monitors the use of all cleaning cartridges. The IBM cleaning cartridges are valid for 50 uses. When a cleaning cartridge is almost expired, a warning icon displays on the library's management GUI. When a cleaning cartridge expires, an error icon displays. You can also enable automatic eject of expired cleaning cartridges through the library's management GUI by selecting Settings > Library > Advanced.
Note: It is the operator’s responsibility to monitor the use of all cleaning cartridges and to remove and replace expired cartridges as necessary.