Inquiry Standard Data: Valid LUN (Logical Unit Number)

The following tape library-specific parameters apply to this request:
  • CmdDt: B'0'
  • EVPD (Enable Vital Product Data): B'0'
  • Page Code: X'00'
  • Allocation Length: X'38' (56) bytes available
Table 1 shows the standard inquiry data that is returned (character fields are in ASCII) for a logical unit number (LUN) that is configured as a SCSI Medium Changer. For more detail, go to the section about default SCSI ID and Loop ID (AL_PA) assignments for the tape library.
Table 1. Standard Inquiry Data Returned for a SCSI Medium Changer
Byte Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
0 Peripheral Qualifier (B'000') Peripheral Device Type (X'08')
1 RMB (B'1') Reserved
2 ISO/IEC Version (B'00') ECMA Version (B'000') ANSI Approved Version (B'011')
3 AERC (B'0') Obsolete (B'0') NormACA (B'0') HiSupport (B'0') Response Data Format (B'0010')
4 Additional Length (n-4) (X'33' or X'35')
5 SCCS (B'0') Reserved
6 BQue EncServ (B'0') BarC (B'1') MultiP (B'0') MChngr (B'0') AckReqQ (B'0') Addr32 (B'0') Addr16
7 RelAdr (B'0') WBus32 (B'0') WBus16 Sync Linked (B'0') TranDis (B'0') CmdQue SftRe (B'0')
8-15 Manufacturer ('IBM     ') (in ASCII)
16-31 Product Identification ('03584L22' or '03584L32')
32-35 Product Revision Level
36-37 IBM Plant of Manufacture Code
38-49 Serial Number of Device
50-51 '0' (in ASCII)
52-55 Reserved
56 Reserved Clocking QAS (B'0') IUS (B'0')
57 Reserved
For Fibre Channel control path drives, the following values apply:
  • BQue: set to 0 .
  • Adr16: set to 0.
  • WBus16: set to 0.
  • Sync: set to 0.
  • CmdQue: set to 1 .
  • Clocking: set to 00b (the Clocking field is not used in Fibre Channel devices).
For all control paths, the following values apply:
  • Product Identification:
    For 3592 logical libraries: '03584L22        ' (in ASCII)
    For LTO logical libraries: '03584L32        ' (in ASCII)
  • Product Revision Level: Tape Library Firmware Revision Level (in ASCII).
  • Serial Number of Device: right justified with leading zeroes (in ASCII).