Using Feature code 1852 with a Top Rack

Feature Code 1852 provides 1 PDU that is installed in a Top Rack, to power the IBM® Diamondback tape library.

The library is powered with FC 1852. This feature code provides one PDU. If you want redundant power, then a second PDU, as the examples show, an extra FC1852 must be ordered.

Figure 1 shows the cabling options for routing the power cables from above the Top-Rack  1  and below the frame  5 . With both options (See  2  and  3 ) each PDU is connected to one power supply. It does not matter which PDU powers either of the power supplies, so long as each power supply is connected to a different PDU, so that the library does not lose power if one PDU fails.

You must order FC9989 or FC9990 which provides power cords for connecting two PDUs to two power supplies.

You must also specify the feature codes for the proper power cord type for your geographic location. The power cord feature codes that are used with FC1852 are FC9954 through 9959, and 9966.

Figure 1. Power configuration options