34A1 - A 12V DC power supply was not detected

A 12 V DC power supply was not detected by the tape library. This could be caused by no power source to the power supply, a cable that was improperly plugged, or a faulty power supply. This fix procedure describes how to diagnose and correct the issue.

Fix procedure

Attention: Whenever you disconnect a power supply cable, or remove a power supply from the Electronics Tray make sure you do one at a time to endure that power is not lost to the library.
  1. Obtain the location of the affected power supply from the reported event using the management GUI, or the REST API.
  2. Open the rear door.
  3. Reconnect the power cable to the power supply. Wait for 2 minutes for the error code to be cleared from the display on the electronics tray display.
  4. If problem persists, disconnect and reinsert the power supply in the Electronics Tray. Wait for 2 minutes for the error code to cleared from the electronics tray display.
  5. Close the rear door.
  6. Replace the power supply if any of the conditions are true:
    1. The fault LED indicator is on.
    2. The DC LED indicator is off.
    3. The problem persists.

Damaged Components
During the procedure, if any part is found physically damaged, replace the applicable Customer Replacement Unit (CRU). See Customer service procedures.