Move data cartridge to I/O station

Request syntax

POST /v1/dataCartridges/<internalAddress>/moveToIOStation
Moves the specified data cartridge to the I/O station.

The export move is queued. Completion is indicated by the location attribute for the specified cartridge changing to an I/O station slot.

Path parameters

internalAddress (string)

The unique identifier of the cartridge within the library represented by a 6-character hex string. If there are duplicate VOLSERs, this value is used to identify the cartridge. The value changes if the cartridge is assigned or unassigned from a logical library or if the cartridge is moved by the host or library. Query the value before you use.

cURL example

> POST /v1/dataCartridges/030403/moveToIOStation
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 0