Using control path drives

One or more drives can be designated as control path drives.

Select Enable Control Path from the Actions menu to designate a control path drive. Drives that are enabled as control paths are identified with the icon shown in Figure 1. Note that it is possible for a logical library to have no control path drives.
Figure 1. Control path drive icon
control path drive icon
Using multiple control paths for any single, configured logical library provides the following benefits:
  • Allows access to the logical library by multiple servers
  • Provides communication failover so that if one control path fails, host communication for the entire library is not lost
    Note: Use the Path Failover feature (feature code 1682) to enable the host device driver to resend a command to an alternate control path for the same logical library.

Access to the logical library is on a first-come, first-served basis. Each control path for a logical library can accept commands while the library is in use by another control path.

Control path drives should not be removed from a logical library that is performing jobs. If the logical library is not actively being used, control path drives can be removed from a logical library only after all non-control path drives have been removed or a different control path drive has been assigned.