Restart drive

Restarts the tape drive. This takes the drive offline from the host and should be used only for diagnostic purposes. This comes in two versions: hard and normal. The configuration of the drive is left intact in both cases.

A normal restart causes the tape drive to temporarily be taken offline by the host and library and come online again in a clean state. This is effectively a reboot of the tape drive.

A hard restart causes the library to remove power to the drive temporarily to force a restart.

Request syntax

POST /v1/drives/<location>/reset {"mode": <"normal" | "hard">}
Restarts the drive in the specified location.

POST /v1/drives/<sn>/reset {"mode": <"normal" | "hard">}
Restarts the drive with the specified serial number.

Path parameters

location (string)

The unique location of the drive.

sn (string)

The globally unique serial number of the drive.

Request body parameters

mode (string, optional)
The type of restart to perform on the drive. If not provided, normal is used. Values include:
Mode Description
normal A communication is sent to the drive to reboot itself.
hard The library temporarily removes power to the drive to force a restart.

Usage of the hard restart option on a tape drive that is moving tape between reels has a risk of damaging the tape. When using the hard restart option, ensure that the tape is not moving.


> POST /v1/drives/drive_F3C2R1/reset {"mode": "hard"}
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 0