Element Type 1: Medium Transport

This element is associated with the transport mechanism. Cartridges are never stored in the transport mechanism. However, this element descriptor can indicate that the transport contains a cartridge in certain error conditions.

Table 1. Element Type 1: Medium Transport Element Descriptor
Byte Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0
0-1 Element Address
2 Reserved Except Reserved Full
3 Reserved
6-8 Reserved
9 SValid Invert (B'0') Reserved
10-11 Source Storage Element Address
12-47 Primary Volume Tag Information
  • Element Address: There are two medium transport elements in the library. The following values apply:
  • Except: The following values apply:
      B'0' The transport is in a normal state.
      B'1' The transport is in an abnormal state.
  • Full: The following values apply:
      B'0' The transport does not contain a cartridge.
      B'1' The transport contains a cartridge. A value of B'1' indicates that an error occurred and recovery is required. Recovery of the cartridge from the transport can be performed by the host by using the Move Medium command or by the operator by using operator panel menus.
  • ASC/ASCQ: More Sense Code/Additional Sense Code Qualifier. The ASC/ASCQ field might provide specific information on an abnormal element state when the Except bit is set to B'1'. The following values apply:
      11/00 Unable to Read Bar Code Label
      81/00 Status is Questionable (for example, the door is open)
  • SValid:
      B'0' Indicates that the Source Storage Element Address field is not valid.
      B'1' Indicates that the Source Storage Element Address field is valid.
  • Invert: The tape library does not invert cartridges.
  • Source Storage Element Address: When SValid is B'1', this field provides the address of the last storage element from which this cartridge was moved.
  • Primary Volume Tag Information: The presence or absence of this field is indicated by the PVolTag field in byte 1 of the Element Status Page. To view the content of this page, go to the section about Element Status Page. This is a 36 byte ASCII field that contains the cartridge bar code label, left-adjusted and padded on the right with blanks. Normally, there is no cartridge present in the picker when this command is processed; however, if a cartridge is present and label information is available, it is returned.
  • Reserved: Bytes 48-51 (bytes 12-15 if PVolTag is set to B'0').