Prevent Allow Medium Removal - X'1E'

The Prevent Allow Medium Removal command is supported by the tape library. Table 1 shows the command format.
Table 1. Prevent Allow Medium Removal Command
Byte Bit 7


Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0


0 Operation Code (X'1E')
1 LUN (Obsolete) Reserved
2 Reserved
3 Reserved
4 Reserved Prevent
5 Lock Shared Vendor Specific (B'00') Reserved (B'0000') Flag (B'0') Link (B'0')
  • Prevent: The following values apply:
      B'00' Allow Cartridge Removal
      B'01' Prevent Cartridge Removal
      B'10' Not Supported
      B'11' Not Supported
  • LockShared: Do not set this field by using device drivers or commercial applications. It is intended for use by user-developed applications in specific environments where sharing and locking of the I/O station are both required.

If the I/O station is not shared by multiple logical libraries and the Virtual IO function is not enabled, the tape library supports Prevent Cartridge Removal by locking the I/O station. The Prevent Cartridge Removal option causes a shared I/O station to be locked only if the LockShared bit is set to B'1'. If the I/O station is shared and the LockShared bit is set to B'0', the Prevent Cartridge Removal option is allowed and ignored (returns GOOD status without action). Cartridge removal is enabled again when any initiator issues the Prevent Allow Medium Removal command, with the Prevent field set to B'00' (Allow Cartridge Removal). A power-on reset also restores the tape library to the allow removal state.

For physical security in an unattended environment, the tape library supports a manual lock on the library door. The locked door prevents access to the cartridges in the library.