Initialize Element Status with Range - X'E7'

Table 1 shows the format of the Initialize Element Status with Range command for the tape library.

Table 1. Initialize Element Status with Range Command
Byte Bit 7


Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0


0 Operation Code (X'E7')
1 LUN (Obsolete) Reserved Range
2 Starting Element Address
4 Reserved
5 Reserved
6 Number of Elements
8 Reserved
9 Vendor Specific (B'00') Reserved (B'0000') Flag (B'0') Link (B'0')

The Initialize Element Status with Range command causes the library to check a range of elements for media present and any other status relevant to that element and including the bar code label. The tape library keeps all element status current and valid by automatically performing an inventory operation as required. The intent of this command is to try the library inventory operation again for a specific element address when an unexpected condition is detected by the host application software.

The following tape library-specific parameters apply:
  • Range: The following values apply:
      B' 0' Requests the library to check all elements. This value is allowed but no action is taken by the library (it returns GOOD status).
      B'1' Requests the library to check any valid elements within the range that is specified by the Starting Element Address and Number of Elements fields.
  • Starting Element Address: Specifies the minimum element address that is to be checked.
  • Number of Elements: Specifies the range of elements that are to be checked, beginning with the Starting Element Address. If ALMS is disabled, any valid elements in the range are checked by the library. If ALMS is enabled, and the number of elements in the range is one and the element is valid, the element is checked. If the number of elements is greater than one, no action is taken and a GOOD state is returned.

    The valid element addresses are dependent upon library model and library configuration. For element addresses that fall within UHD slots of UHD frames, the entire UHD slot is inventoried. It might include up to five LTO cartridges. For more details, go to the section about locations and addresses of SCSI elements in the tape library.

For additional information on element addresses and descriptions, go to the sections about Mode Page X'1D': Element Address Assignment, Mode Page X'1F': Device Capabilities, and Read Element Status - X'B8'.