Fixing a tape with an unknown VOLSER

Many tape management applications use Standard Label tape processing. The VOLSER number on the bar code label must match the VOLSER written to the tape to maintain compatibility with this type of processing. If a tape's VOLSER is unknown, you are not able to use it until a VOLSER is established.

If a tape has an unknown VOLSER, select Actions > Fix Unknown VOLSER to apply a new VOLSER number to the tape. Enter the first 6 characters of the volume serial number and then add the last 2 characters that specify the cartridge type. Table 1 shows the possible cartridge type values.
Table 1. Cartridge types
Media Cartridge type
LTO media L8, LY, L7, LX, L6, LW, L5, LV, L4, LU, L3, or LT
3592 media JB, JC, JD, JE, JK, JL, JM, JV, JX, JY, or JZ
When you click Fix, the cartridge is automatically assigned to the logical library that includes the VOLSER range that contains the VOLSER of the fixed cartridge.
Note: This action might result in synchronization problems with the application. An audit type of action for your application might be required for your application.