Assigning or unassigning cartridges

A bar code label with a volume serial (VOLSER) number is affixed to each cartridge. Cartridges are assigned to a logical library with VOLSER ranges that are defined when the logical library is created. If the VOLSER range that is assigned to a logical library matches the VOLSER of a cartridge, that cartridge is assigned to the logical library. If the VOLSER of a newly inserted cartridge does not match the VOLSER range of a logical library, the cartridge is available to be imported into any logical library of the same media type. The assignment is then determined by the first application to import the cartridge. VOLSER ranges were called the Cartridge Assignment Policy with the TS3500 tape library.

You can modify what cartridges are assigned to a logical library by modifying the VOLSER range of the logical library from the VOLSER Ranges by Logical Library page.

If an individual cartridge is outside of a VOLSER range, it is possible to use the Assign action to assign that cartridge to a specific logical library. However, creating VOLSER ranges is the preferred method for assigning cartridges to logical libraries.

To assign or reassign cartridges to a logical library, highlight one or more cartridges from the same logical library and then select Actions > Assign. You can bulk assign all available or unassigned cartridges from the Cartridges by Logical Library page by highlighting the Available or Unassigned cartridges rows and selecting Actions > Assign All Cartridges.

The Use the VOLSER ranges of the logical library check box in the Assign Cartridges window is selected by default so that cartridges are automatically assigned to logical libraries based on their VOLSERs. Clear the check box to manually select a logical library for the cartridge or cartridges.
Note: If the new cartridge assignments exceed the maximum number of cartridges that are allowed by a logical library, any additional cartridges will be unassigned. Go to the Logical Libraries page to modify the maximum number of cartridges that are allowed, and then try the cartridge assignment again.

Select Actions > Unassign to unassign one or more cartridges, however this action might result in synchronization problems with the application. To avoid this scenario, the preferred method is to use the application to eject cartridges.