Creating a copy of a task

A copy of an existing task can be done using the copy task.

The copy task reduces the time it takes to create similar or identical tasks. You can copy manual, automated deploy, notification, and plugin tasks only. This feature is available from the Deployment and Deployment Plan pages. Tasks that have started cannot be copied.

  1. From the IBM® UrbanCode™ Release dashboard, click Releases & Deployments, and then click Deployment Plans.
  2. On the Deployment Plans page, click the name of the deployment.
  3. On the plan page, click the action icon for the segment that you want to copy.
  4. Click the Copy Task icon, Copy icon..
    In the Copy Task dialog, type the name for the copied task in the Name field. And select the information to be copied: Advanced, Dependencies, Environment, and Attachments. The default value is all. Comments cannot be copied.
  5. Click Save.