Collecting log files

The Log4j Java-based logging utility is used to capture log data. In addition to system logs, you might need to gather a log capturing IBM® UrbanCode™ Release log data.

IBM support members use log data to debug internal code problems. The collected data contains details about the flow through the system. You might be instructed to provide log data when reporting a problem.

The log files can be found in the following directories:
  • server_install_directory/server/tomcat/logs/
  • server_install_directory/server/tomcat/logs/ucr/
The /logs directory contains the Apache Tomcat sever logs, such as catalina.log files. The /ucr directory contains the ucrelease.log file. To capture data in the log file, you need to update the file.
  1. Open the configuration file. This file is located in the server_directory/conf/server directory.
  2. Add the following line to the file: = DEBUG,console
  3. Save the file.
    The change takes affect the next timeIBM UrbanCode Release server is started.