Create applicationTarget elements from JSON input

You can pass a single JSON object to create a single element, or a JSON array of applicationTarget JSON objects to create multiple elements. If you create a single element, the response includes the URI of the new element in the Location response header, and the response body includes one applicationTarget JSON object with the format specified by the format parameter. If you create multiple elements, the response includes a JSON array of applicationTarget JSON objects with the specified format in an order that corresponds to the order of the input data. If no format is specified, the "detail" format will be used by default. If creating a large number of elements in a single request, it is recommended to use the "list" or "name" formats for better performance, when the use case allows it.


POST http://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
Table 1. Request parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
format string false One of the format options; this parameter determines what information is included in the JSON response. If not specified, or if an unrecognized value is specified, the default format of "detail" will be used.
Table 2. Header parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
Content-Type application/json true
Accept application/json true