Configuring the Rational Team Concert plug-in

When you integrate an IBM® UrbanCode™ Release server with an IBM Rational® Team Concert™ server, you can automatically import its work items into IBM UrbanCode Release as changes or initiatives.

Obtain a consumer key and secret key for your Rational Team Concert server. To learn more about configuring OAuth in Rational Team Concert, see Configuring OAuth consumers. The functional user ID that you set up in Rational Team Concert must have administrator privileges and have access to the project area that you want to access. If the functional user ID is not an administrator, or does not have access to the project area, an error message is displayed when you attempt to connect.
Importing many work items from Rational Team Concert can take a significant amount of time. When IBM UrbanCode Release polls Rational Team Concert import work items, only items that are modified are imported. If there are many work items to import, the initial import process can take a long time. Subsequent import processes can take less time.
  1. In IBM UrbanCode Release, click the navigation list arrow, and then click Integrations > Add New.
    The Integration pane opens.
  2. Provide a name for the integration provider.
  3. In the Integration list, select RTC Plugin.
  4. In the RTC Plugin Type list, select the integration type.
    The type determines how mapping is done. If you select, RTC Client Integration, you must provide an Rational Team Concert user ID and password. You complete the integration by mapping Rational Team Concert items to IBM UrbanCode Release changes. For information about importing changes, see Importing work items as changes. If you select RTC Client Integration - Auto Mapping, IBM UrbanCode Release automatically maps Rational Team Concert items to changes. Rational Team Concert applications are mapped to IBM UrbanCode Release releases by application name. If you select OSLC Integration, you must supply an Rational Team Concert consumer key and secret. A maximum of 1000 work items are returned by an OSLC-type query
  5. In the Frequency list, select a frequency.
    The frequency specifies how often Rational Team Concert is polled for changes to import. You can set the frequency between every minute and once a day, but to improve performance, decrease the polling frequency. IBM UrbanCode Release can automatically poll the Rational Team Concert server for updates to multiple projects in parallel. You can manually import changes at any time
  6. In RTC Provider URL, type the root URL of the Rational Team Concert server.
    For example, enter The default port number is 9443.
  7. If you selected OSLC Integration, in the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret fields, type a consumer key and secret.
    You set up consumer keys on the Rational Team Concert server.
  8. If you selected RTC Client Integration or RTC Client Integration - Auto Mapping, in the User Login and User Password fields, type Rational Team Concert user name and password.
  9. Optional: Click Ping the RTC Server to test the Rational Team Concert URL.
  10. Optional: Click Check Authentication to check your credentials.
  11. Click Run Integration.
  12. Click Save.
After you configure the integration with Rational Team Concert, you can import work items as changes or initiatives. See Importing work items as changes and Importing work items as initiatives.
Note: If you edit an integration provider, when you open the integration provider page, the Planned For and Filed Against columns are set to Unassigned. To see an existing mapping, select the appropriate Planned For or Filed Against value.