This resource represents a network interface on a VMware vRealize Automation image. It points to its software component type that is already defined in VMware vRealize Automation. You can set variables to the script type by using the input properties that follow. This new type for vRealize Automation is not overridden in the configuration file.

Table 1. Properties
Name Type Required Core or extended Description
admin_state_up Boolean False Core The administrative state of this port.
allowed_address_pairs List False Core Additional MAC/IP address pairs allowed to pass through the port. See Table 3.
binding:vnic_type String False Core The vnic type to be bound on the neutron port. To support SR-IOV passthrough networking, you can request that the neutron port to be realized as normal (virutal nic), direct (pci passthrough), or macvtap (virtual interface with a tap-like software interface). Note that this only works for Neutron deployments that support the bindings extension.
client_timeout Integer False Extended Specify the timeout (in seconds) for API calls to vRA.
device_id String False Core Device ID of this port.
device_owner String False Core Name of the network owning the port. The value is typically network:floatingip or network:router_interface or network:dhcp.
fixed_ips List False Core This property is provided with the engine, but it is not implemented.
mac_address String False Core MAC address to give to this port.
name String False Core A symbolic name for this port.
network_id String False Core The network ID.
replacement_policy String False Core Policy on how to respond to a stack-update for this resource. REPLACE_ALWAYS will replace the port regardless of any property changes. AUTO will update the existing port for any changed update-allowed property.
security_groups List False Core Security group IDs to associate with this port.
value_specs Map False Core Extra parameters to include in the \"port"\ object in the creation request.
Table 2. Attributes
Name Description
admin_state_up The administrative state of this port.
allowed_address_pairs Additional MAC/IP address pairs allowed to pass through a port.
device_id Unique identifier for the device.
device_owner Name of the network owning the port.
fixed_ips Fixed IP addresses.
mac_address MAC address of the port.
name Friendly name of the port.
network_id Unique identifier for the network owning the port.
security_groups A list of security groups for the port.
show All attributes.
status The status of the port.
subnets A list of all subnet attributes for the port.
tenant_id Tenant owning the port.
Table 3. allowed_address_pairs list values
Property Type Required Description
ip_address String True IP address to allow through this port.
mac_address String False MAC address to allow through this port.