This type represents a Microsoft™ Azure availability set. It can create a new availability set.

In the blueprint designer, you can configure the properties that the following table includes. Properties are listed as either core or extended. Each type of property is located in separate sections of the heat resource that you can view in the blueprint designer. You set the core properties in the properties section and set the extended properties in the metadata section of the blueprint.

Table 1. Properties
Name Type Required Core or extended Description
managed Boolean False Core If the availability set supports virtual machines with managed disks, then the value is True.
name String True Core The name of the availability set. If the specified name exists, a new, unique name is created.
platform_fault_domain_count Integer False Core The number of fault domains that are used. The default is 2.
platform_update_domain_count Integer False Core The number of update domains that are used. The default is 5.
region String True Extended The Azure location. The blueprint designer specifies this property automatically, based on the selected region.
resource_group String True Core The name of the resource group.
tags List False Extended A list of name-value pairs to set as tags on the resource.
Table 2. Attributes
Attribute Type Description
availability_set_id String The Azure ID of the availability set.
name String The name of the availability set.
show String The details of the availability set.
sku String The SKU of the availability set.
virtual_machines String The list of virtual machines in the availability set.


This example creates a new availability set:
    type: IBM::Azure::AvailabilitySet
     resource_group: test-rg
     name: avtest_1
     platform_update_domain_count: 6
     platform_fault_domain_count: 3
     managed: True 
       servertag: testvalue