Options for deploying agents

Typically, you do not edit the options that are used when IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy agents are installed on virtual images. However, you can edit the code that is embedded in an agent resource to change how the agent is installed.

When you create a blueprint, the editor adds a resource that represents the IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent, and this resource is installed automatically on each virtual image. The resource is named either ucd_agent_install_win or ucd_agent_install_linux, depending on the operating system that is installed on the virtual image. The resource includes a call to a script that installs the agent. On Linux™, the install-agent-with-options.sh script is called. On Microsoft™ Windows™, the install-agent-with-options.ps1 script is called. To change how the agent is installed, examine the code in the agent resource and adjust the arguments based on the information in the following table.

Option name Command-line parameter Comments
Agent name -n agent_name Required. The name of the agent to create.
IBM UrbanCode Deploy remote host -s remote_host_URL Required. The host name of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy server or agent relay to connect to.
Agent communication port -p port_number Required. The port number to use for communication with the remote host. By default, the port number is 7918 for IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers and 7916 for agent relays.
Start option -x start_option Optional. After installation, starts the agent with the specified options. Valid options are start and run.
Use agent relay -r Optional. Configures the agent for use with an agent relay.
Initial team -t list_of_teams Optional. A list of team names, separated by commas, to add the agent to when it connects to the server. By default, the initial team is System Team.
Proxy host -k proxy_host Optional. The host name of a proxy server to use with an agent relay.
Proxy port -l proxy_port Optional. The port of a proxy server to use with an agent relay. By default, the proxy port number is 20080.
Disable HTTP failover -d Optional. Disables HTTP failover handling for agents that connect through an agent relay.
Install service -v Optional. This parameter works only on Linux computers. Installs the agent as a service.
UCD install location -c Optional. Installs IBM UrbanCode Deploy agent to a desired location.