Integrating with IBM Rational Asset Manager

You can use IBM® Rational® Asset Manager to store and catalog build outputs, test results, and related packages as part of component processes in IBM UrbanCode® Deploy.

Rational Asset Manager is a collaborative software development tool that organizations can use to identify, manage, and govern the design, development, and consumption of software assets and services. To learn more about Rational Asset Manager, see the Rational Asset Manager information center.

Rational Asset Manager integrates with IBM UrbanCode Deploy in two ways: as a source configuration type, and as a plug-in. To learn more about using Rational Asset Manager as a source configuration type, see Creating components from Rational Asset Manager. Unlike other UrbanCode plug-ins, you download the Rational Asset Manager plug-in from the Rational Asset Manager server.

You must have a supported version of an installation of Rational Asset Manager, with the DevOps library enabled. For more documentation about plug-ins, see UrbanCode Deploy Plug-ins.