Viewing Terraform Environment Details

The Environment Details page is an overview of the resources, variables, and jobs that have been provisioned on an environment. To access the environment details page click on the Actions button and select View Details. This overview contains the following:
  • Template Source: This shows the method of provisioning. Any template can be provisioned locally or through a supported version control software such as Git.
  • Activity: A job view showcasing all of the jobs that have been executed on the specific environment. A job is an action that was executed by Terraform on an existing environment. The Activity view orders each job by execution date and separates them by Plan and Apply jobs. Any job under the "Plan" category is a job that was initiated by doing a `terraform plan` command. Any job under the "Apply" category is a job that was initiated by an initial deploy or destroy. These jobs contain the log details of every action that has been applied to an environment. To access the log of a specific job, navigate to that job in the Activity view and select "View log" in that row.
  • Resource Details: A table displaying the resources that were created and provisioned through the Blueprint Designer. A resource in Terraform contains infrastructure objects and their arguments. The resource details table contains the name, IP address, creation date, and an Actions button that link to the details of the resource.
    • Name: The name of the resource given in the Terraform template.
    • IP Address: The IP address (if applicable) for the resource.
    • Created: The date and time that the resource was created.
    • Actions: A link to the details of the resource retrieved from Terraform.
    For more information on resources, see
  • Variables: A table separating and displaying the Input and Output variables as well as their values. It contains the variables that are defined in the and file. These variables are parameters for a template in Terraform.

The second portion of the Environment Details page is the Log File page. This page shows the most recent log file from your deployed instance. Here you can view the latest log output and get detailed information from Plan and Apply actions.