Lesson 5 Create an application process

Application processes direct underlying component processes and orchestrate multi-component deployments.

An application process, like a component process, consists of steps that are configured with the process editor. In this lesson, you create an application process that installs the helloWorld component by calling the component process that you created earlier. You must use application processes to deploy components.
  1. Click the Applications tab, and then click hello Application.
  2. Click Processes, and then click Create Process.
  3. In the Create an Application Process window, name the new application process something like hello App Process.
  4. Accept the default values for the other fields, and click Save.
  5. To open the new process in the process editor, click the new process.
  6. Add a step that deploys the helloWorld component:
    1. From the list of steps, add an Install Component step to the design area, and then on the process step click the Edit icon.
    2. In the Edit Properties window, name the step something like Deploy helloWorld.
    3. In the Component list, select the helloWorld component.
      All components that are associated with an application are available.
    4. In the Component Process list, select the helloProcess component process.
      If multiple processes were defined for the helloWorld component, they are listed.
    5. In the Limit to Tag list, select the blueCycle tag that you defined earlier.
      After you select blueCycle, the application deploys only components with this tag.
    6. Accept the default values for the other fields, and click OK.
  7. Verify that the Start step is connected to the Deploy helloWorld step.
  8. Verify that the Deploy helloWorld step is connected to the Finish step.
  9. Save the process by clicking Save.
The complete application process looks like the following figure:
The complete application process

In this lesson, you created an application process that deploys the helloWorld component.

The Processes tab lists the application process.
For more information about creating application processes, see Application processes.