Planning storage

You can store the versions in CodeStation or in Artifactory/Nexus. To store versions in Artifactory or Nexus, the artifactory details must be passed to the Every z/OS agent that is used to deploy projects, stores backups of old artifacts so that a rollback can be done when required. Plan the agent directory to ensure there is sufficient space for backup.

CodeStation is part of the IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy server and supports Windows, UNIX, and Linux artifacts download. CodeStation is default for z/OS artifacts.

Artifacts in CodeStation can be downloaded to any deployment targets using the Download Artifacts for zOS plug-in. To download artifacts stored in Artifactory/Nexus use the External Artifact Repository plug-in.

Plan the agent directory to ensure there is sufficient space for the artifact versions in the backups. The space requirements vary depending on retention policies, application types, number of artifacts, and the number of deployments. For typical production environments, allocate 10 - 20 GB for storing deployment backups. A breakdown estimation follows:

  • Agent installation directory: The agent install directory requires at least 500 MB space.
  • Deploy backup directory: The location of the deploy backup is agent install dir/var/deploy. Estimate storage requirements by multiplying the average artifact size by the number of deployments that are performed per day, then multiply the preceding result by the average number of days before cleanup.
  • MVS data sets: MVS data sets are used to store z/OS agent binary, configuration, samples and JCLs only. No additional space is needed in addition to the space that is allocated by the installation.