Modifying a Terraform Environment

This topic explains how to modify an existing Terraform environment.

  1. Click Blueprints and navigate to the Terraform template location in the Blueprint Designer.
  2. Click Provision… on the toolbar.
  3. Click Modify to modify an environment.
  4. Select the orchestration service you wish to use to provision. The orchestration service should already be configured.

    After selecting the orchestration service, the Existing Environment Name box will be populated with all of the environments that have been provisioned under that orchestration service using the selected Terraform template. The environment you wish to modify has to have been deployed using the same template location you are currently in.

  5. Select the environment name you wish to modify. After selecting the environment name, the provision location automatically selects for you and you will not be able to change it.
  6. If the environment location was provisioned locally, Click Next: Edit Variables.
  7. If the environment location was provisioned from a remote repository, continue by selecting your repository manager.
  8. From the repository manager, select your remote repository coalition. For example: GitHub
  9. If your project is in private repository, enter your access token.
  10. Click Next: Edit Variables.