Searching online knowledge bases

If you have a problem with IBM® UrbanCode® Deploy, search the available knowledge bases to determine whether your problem is known, has a workaround, or if it is already resolved and documented.

In addition to the IBM Knowledge Center, the following knowledge bases can provide information for IBM UrbanCode Deploy:
  • IBM Support website:

    IBM documents known problems and workarounds as individual technotes on its Support website. Reports on defects that are submitted by customers are published as Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs) on the Support website. See Support information for IBM UrbanCode Deploy.

    1. Open the IBM Support Portal.
    2. In the Product finder section, search for and select your version of IBM UrbanCode Deploy.
    3. Click Go.
      The support page for IBM UrbanCode Deploy is displayed.
    4. In the Search support section, enter your search terms, and press Enter.
    5. From the search results, click a document link to open it.
      Note: When you run a search from the IBM Support website, the search targets include IBM developerWorks® and IBM newsgroups and forums.
  • IBM developerWorks:

    Technical resource for developers and administrators, with product-specific zones that provide product trials and downloads, how-to articles, tutorials, white papers, technical forums, industry news, and developer events.

    1. Open the IBM UrbanCode developerWorks website.
    2. In the Search field, enter your search terms, and press Enter.
    3. From the search results, click a document link to open it.