Update a cloud project

This command updates a cloud project from the supplied JSON string


PUT http://{hostname}:{port}
Accept: application/json
Table 1. URL parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
cloudProjectId string true ID of the cloud project
Table 2. Header parameters
Parameter Type Required Description
Accept application/json true
This command takes a JSON request string or file. Use the following template for the request:
  "cloudProviderId": "The cloud provider ID for this cloud 
  "description": "Description",
  "name": "Cloud project name",
  "properties": [{
    "name": "Property name",
    "value": "Property value"


curl -u jsmith:passwd 
   -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
  -d @updateProject.json
  http://myserver.example.com:8080/landscaper/security/cloudproject/1241aa10-5f98-4f11-be63-b21ad69c3e4b -X PUT

Example JSON request

  "cloudProviderId": "fe8b00b5-0b1b-473a-b355-0f2294cd12b7",
  "description": "Updated cloud project",
  "name": "My updated cloud project",
      "properties": [
            "name": "functionalId",
            "value": "admin",
            "secure": "false"
            "name": "functionalPassword",
            "value": "password",
            "secure": true
Note: The properties that you put in the JSON request overwrite all of the properties on the cloud project.
Note: You must specify the cloud provider ID in the JSON request, but you cannot change the cloud provider.