Modeling environments for OpenStack and OpenStack-based clouds

To model an OpenStack environment, log in with an OpenStack cloud project and use resources from your cloud system in a blueprint.

  1. Create the blueprint.
  2. Add resources from the palette to the blueprint, such as virtual images.
    The palette shows resources from the currently connected cloud, which is shown in the upper-right corner of the page. For more information on working with the blueprint designer, see Editing Terraform blueprint diagram and Editing blueprint source code.
  3. Optional: In the blueprint source code, in the metadata property for the resource, specify any virtual image metadata.
    You provide the metadata as a series of name-value pairs.
    For example, to specify the tags cluster: blue and database_type: mysql, the code looks like the following example:
      cluster: blue
      database_type: mysql
  4. Optional: Create a configuration file and externalize properties to the file.

Add the components of your application to the blueprint. See Deploying components with blueprints.