What's new in IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Version

IBM® UrbanCode™ Deploy, Version 6.2.3 includes new features and bug fixes.
Important: If you are upgrading from version and earlier, servers and relays must be upgraded at the same time. Agents that connect through relays may not connect successfully until both server and relay are upgraded.

New for March 2017: Delivery Insights, a part of IBM Cloud DevOps Insights, provides metrics and other information about your IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers. See Integrating IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Delivery Insights.

What's new in version

  • If you use the blueprint designer to provision environments to DHCP networks in VMware vCenter, you can specify an existing vCenter customization specification to apply. See Modeling environments for VMware vCenter.
  • Beginning in version, network relays no longer reverse the direction of JMS communication between servers and agent relays. You must ensure that your firewall allows connections from agent relays to the server. See Creating network relays.

What's new in version 6.2.3

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