COBOL Editor keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available in the COBOL Editor.
The list of available key bindings in Eclipse depends on many factors, including what view or editor is selected, whether a window is open, what plug-ins are installed, and what operating and windowing system is being used. To obtain a list of available key bindings at any time, click Help > Key Assist or press Ctrl+Shift+L. The following table lists some key bindings available in the COBOL Editor.
Table 1. COBOL Editor keyboard shortcuts
Category Command Key binding
Edit Content Assist Ctrl+Space
Edit Copy Ctrl+C
Edit Copy Ctrl+Insert
Edit Cut Ctrl+X
Edit Cut Shift+Delete
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Find and Replace Ctrl+F
Edit Find Next Ctrl+K
Edit Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+K
Edit Incremental Find Ctrl+J
Edit Incremental Find Reverse Ctrl+Shift+J
Edit Next annotations Ctrl+.
Edit Paste Ctrl+V
Edit Paste Shift+Insert
Edit Previous annotation Ctrl+,
Edit Quick Diff Toggle Ctrl+Shift+Q
Edit Redo Ctrl+Y
Edit Select All Ctrl+A
Edit Shift Left Shift+Tab
Edit Shift Right Tab
Edit Toggle Block Selection Alt+Shift+A
Edit Toggle Hex Editing Alt+Shift+H
Edit Toggle Mark Occurrences Alt+Shift+O
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z
File Close Ctrl+F4
File Close Ctrl+W
File Close All Ctrl+Shift+F4
File Close All Ctrl+Shift+W
File Print Ctrl+P
File Properties Alt+Enter
File Refresh F5
File Save Ctrl+S
File Save All Ctrl+Shift+S
Help Open Language-Sensitive Help Ctrl+Shift+H
Navigate Backward History Alt+Left
Navigate Extract SQL Ctrl+Alt+X
Navigate Forward History Alt+Right
Navigate Go to Line Ctrl+L
Navigate Go to Next Element Ctrl+Shift+Down
Navigate Go to Previous Element Ctrl+Shift+Up
Navigate Last Edit Location Ctrl+Q
Navigate Next Ctrl+.
Navigate Open Declaration F3
Navigate Open Perform Hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+H
Navigate Open Resource Ctrl+Shift+R
Navigate Previous Ctrl+,
Navigate Quick Outline Ctrl+O
Navigate Run SQL Shift+F6
Navigate Show In Alt+Shift+W
Navigate Tune Query Ctrl+Alt+T
Refactoring Extract Paragraph Alt+Shift+P
Refactoring Rename Alt+Shift+R
Refactoring Show Refactor Quick Menu Alt+Shift+T
Search Find Text in Workspace Ctrl+Alt+G
Search Occurrences in Compilation Unit Ctrl+Shift+U
Search Open Search Dialog Ctrl+H
Source Formatter Ctrl+Shift+F
Source Indent Selection Ctrl+I
Source Identify Unreachable Code Alt+Shift+U
Source Manage sequence numbers Ctrl+Shift+M
Source Renumber Ctrl+Shift+=
Source Show Source Quick Menu Alt+Shift+S
Source Surround With Quick Menu Alt+Shift+Z
Source Toggle Comment Ctrl+/
Source Unnumber Ctrl+Shift+-
Syntax Check Local Syntax Check (Deprecated) Ctrl+Alt+L
Syntax Check Remote Syntax Check Ctrl+Alt+R
Text Editing Collapse Ctrl+Numpad_Subtract
Text Editing Collapse All Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Divide
Text Editing Copy Lines Ctrl+Alt+Down
Text Editing Delete Line Ctrl+D
Text Editing Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete
Text Editing Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace
Text Editing Delete to End of Line Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Text Editing Duplicate Lines Ctrl+Alt+Up
Text Editing Expand Ctrl+Numpad_Add
Text Editing Expand All Ctrl+Numpad_Multiply
Text Editing Insert Line Above Current® Line Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Text Editing Insert Line Below Current Line Shift+Enter
Text Editing Join Lines Ctrl+Alt+J
Text Editing Line End End
Text Editing Line Start Home
Text Editing Move Lines Down Alt+Down
Text Editing Move Lines Up Alt+Up
Text Editing Next Word Ctrl+Right
Text Editing Previous Word Ctrl+Left
Text Editing Scroll Line Down Ctrl+Down
Text Editing Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Up
Text Editing Select Line End Shift+End
Text Editing Select Line Start Shift+Home
Text Editing Select Next Word Ctrl+Shift+Right
Text Editing Select Previous Word Ctrl+Shift+Left
Text Editing Text End Ctrl+End
Text Editing Text Start Ctrl+Home
Text Editing To Lowercase Ctrl+Shift+Y
Text Editing To Uppercase Ctrl+Shift+X
Text Editing Toggle Overwrite Insert
Window Activate Editor F12
Window Maximize Active View or Editor Ctrl+M
Window Next Editor Ctrl+F6
Window Next Perspective Ctrl+F8
Window Next View Ctrl+F7
Window Previous Editor Ctrl+Shift+F6
Window Previous Perspective Ctrl+Shift+F8
Window Previous View Ctrl+Shift+F7
Window Quick Access Ctrl+3
Window Quick Switch Editor Ctrl+E
Window Show Key Assist Ctrl+Shift+L
Window Show Ruler Context Menu Ctrl+F10
Window Show System Menu Alt+-
Window Switch to Editor Ctrl+Shift+E