Module 1: Adding decorators to the user interface

This module takes you through the steps to add a decorator, or image overlay, to the CARMA members shown in the CARMA Repositories view.

You add a lock decorator to display on members when they are locked and a question mark decorator to display on members when members need their metadata synchronized.
Note: The sample RAMs that come with Developer for z/OS® do not support the Lock function. You want to use this exercise with a RAM that supports the Lock function.

Learning objectives

After completing the lessons in this exercise, you will be able to:
  • Create a Developer for z/OS plug-in Project
  • Import graphics to the plug-in project
  • Modify the Java™ Activator class, so the plug-in is able to find the necessary graphics
  • Create a Java Decorator class and write code to display the appropriate graphic
  • Modify the plugin.xml file to provide the org.eclipse.ui.decorators extension point
  • Run and debug the sample plug-in

Time required

This module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


To successfully complete the lessons in this module, you should have:
  • Created an Eclipse plug-in project
  • An accessible directory containing a graphic of a lock and a question mark, or other representative graphics, with dimensions of approximately 11 x 13 pixels