Work with the sample code

About this task

You are now ready to create the z/OS® Project and MVS™ subproject, create a property group, and set the build options.


  1. From the Developer for z/OS workspace File menu, click New > Other.
  2. Expand z/OS Development and select z/OS Project and click Next.
  3. On the z/OS Project Name window, type SampleProject in the Project name field and select Create an MVS subproject. Click Finish.
  4. On the MVS Subproject Name and Location window, complete the following fields and then click Finish.
    SubProject Name
    Type RemoteCOBOLSample.
    High-level Qualifier
    Use the default value which is the user ID with which you logged on to the remote system.
    Property Group
    Click Create a property group and associate it with the subproject. Specify a property group name in the name field and click Finish.
  5. The Property Group Editor opens and you can define the build options for the new property group:
    1. Click the COBOL tab and then click Procedures and Steps.
    2. Expand the ELAXFCOC procedure and double-click COBOL to edit the COBOL step. Make sure your specified data set names were created or replace them with existing ones.
    3. Click the Link tab and then click Procedures and Steps.
    4. Expand the ELAXFLNK procedure and double-click LINK to edit the LINK step. Make sure the Load module location data set has been created, or replace the data set with an existing one.
    5. Click the Run tab and expand the ELAXFG0 procedure. Copy and paste the following JCL into the Additional JCL text box.
      //SYSIN DD *
    6. Click the JCL tab in the property group editor. Verify that the default JOB card includes a PROCS statement and that the PROCS statement points to the procedure library on the remote system.
      If you do not know the location of the procedure library, ask your system administrator.
    7. Close and save the new property group.
  6. Add the <HLQ>.REMOTE.COBOL partitioned data set to the RemoteCOBOLSample subproject:
    1. Select the data set in the Remote Systems view.
    2. Right-click and select Add to Subproject.
    3. Type or select the subproject name and click Finish.
    You can now build and run the application on the remote system.
  7. In the RemoteCOBOLSample subproject, right-mouse click STARTAPP.cbl and click Nominate as Entry Point.
  8. Right-mouse click RemoteCOBOLSample and then click Rebuild Subproject.
  9. Select the generated load module, and click Run > Run to run the application.