How do I . . . ?

Obtain answers to frequently asked questions about using the z/OS® integrated development environment.

  1. How do I determine the product level of the remote system server?

    In the Remote Systems view, connect to the remote system and then select MVS Files. The server level is shown in the Server Level field of the Properties view

  2. How do I determine which APARs or PTFs are applied to the remote system server?
    Open a z/OS UNIX command shell and issue the following two commands:
    • $ cd /usr/lpp/IBM/zexpl/bin
    • $ ./
    The list of APARS is displayed as shown in the following example:
    Wed Feb 28  04:44:12 2019 -- COPY -- HHOPE10 v14.1.7.0 created 27 Feb 2019  AM41857 AM43628 AM52641 AM50744 AM51321 AM52427 AM52635
  3. How do I determine the product level of the client?

    From the main menu bar, select Help > About Developer for z/OS.

  4. Some functions in the Remote Systems view are disabled. How do I enable them?

    Some functions, such as Retrieve Data Set and Find Member, require the remote system server to be at a certain product level. To access these functions, install the latest Developer for z/OS product version on the remote system server.

  5. How do I set the default editor for my COBOL or PL/I files?
    1. In the Preferences window, expand the General > Editor categories.
    2. Select File Associations.
    3. In the File types list, select a file extension, such as .cbl or .pli.
    4. In the Associated editors list, select COBOL Editor or PL/I Editor.
    5. Click Default.
    6. Click OK to save the changes.
  6. The tooling icon in the COBOL or PL/I Editor is disabled. How do I enable it?
    1. In the Preferences window, expand the COBOL or PL/I category.
    2. Select Real-Time Syntax Checking.
    3. Clear the Disable syntax parser checkbox.